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There are many online shops offering gifts of some description with and without engraving, but none as far as we are aware, go several steps further in the buying experience - so what is so different?  Well being a sister company to Devanet, a designer and manufacturing concern who not only offer a wide range of engraving facilities but can change the finish of the metal products in over 20 colours with a special ceramic hypo allergenic coating, or simply treat the silver with pure palladium or rhodium to stop the silver tarnishing.  Alternatively, Devanet can design a product especially for you.

In addition Go gift shopping can supply or produce complementary packaging to add value to your gift, custom made to order. Small things like name tags in metal, wood or plastic, glassware or metal gifts embellished with Swarovski crystals with custom designs or initials among many other possible finishes.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the option of having a gift which is more exclusive and will create a gift that is unique.  Ask our sales personnel for details about our bespoke services.