Quick Change Belt Straps

Product Code: QC-Straps
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Quick change belt straps are custom made at the Devanet factory in Cheshire, they are designed to go with alphabet buckles, custom plate buckles and any buckle with a stud prong,  each belt is custom made in a range of colours and sizes. Widths available are 30, 35 and 38 mm.

Leather is genuine hide leather dyed through in White, Black, Grey, Pink, Brown, Tan, Navy Blue and Turquoise.

Every belt is edge dyed, burnished and sealed to provide a smooth edge finish.  All the quick change belts are precision edge stitched and rolled to provide a beautiful finish to the belt.  Options for custom contrast stitching s available in a select range of colours.

Every belt is supplied in a protective sleeve.  


  • Brand: DEVANET
  • Product Code: QC-Straps
  • Weight: 2kg